How To Fix Norton Error Code 8505?

Norton, a program which is used globally and almost PC users are aware of this software. Despite its commendable features, users come across an error code 8505 and this mistake takes place in the right time of software installation, whereas the system is running, in the time of Windows startup and shut down, even once you install Windows operating system onto your PC.

If you’re facing exactly the same mistake, then it is possible to follow these presented steps to resolve this situation. These steps will surely correct this error code also you’re able to get back to your job easily or you might also ask an expert anytime.

  • Step 1- You can save this document in your own computer and downloaded files visit its default location.
  • Step 2- Next, a user is requested to open window from your browser and press CTRL +J crucial.
  • Step 3- Now you want to double click NRnR icon, then follow screen-prompts and accept the license agreement by clicking “I agree” option.
  • Step 4- Users face a condition where they get “Eliminate only button” which may be seen on screen if you purchased this product from some other service supplier.
  • Step 5- you need to click “Continue” or “Eliminate”, next restart your PC now.
  • Step 6- At the conclusion, your pc will start automatically and you need to follow on-screen directions to re-install Norton product effortlessly.

Hopefully, your issue is resolved now. If you discover yourself in exactly the same position, then it’s far better to consult a An expert can ask one for the special permission to choose your desktop computer on their own computer screen to discover a genuine reason for this scenario so as to repair this situation in an instant basis.

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