How to turn on remote management for Norton Studio?

The Remote Management controls the manner of Norton Studio tracking on your own devices. All of the details have been sent to this antivirus Studio if the Remote Management option is switched on. Norton Support helps you turn to the option using easy and quick steps, so follow the steps carefully:

  • Visit Settings from the Primary window.
  • Proceed to the On/Off switch to the left into the ON position, at the Remote Management row.
  • Click Apply button and click on Close.

Switch on Remote Management in this antivirus Internet Security & its Antivirus:

  •     Visit Settings from the Primary window.
  •     Click on the General tab in the Settings window.
  •     Hit on the Other Settings option from the left sidebar.

Twist on the switch by simply moving the slider to the left into the On position from the Remote Management Row.

  •     Hit the Apply button and then click on OK.
  •     Open the main window and then proceed to
  •     Click Administrative Settings from the appeared
  •     At the row of Remote Management, proceed the On/Off switch to the left to enable this option.
  •     Select Apply and click is just a telephone from the reach to acquire any difficulty mended you encounter while still following the above-mentioned procedures. Our team of certified technicians and highly experienced engineers will offer the best and best satisfactory solutions for your problems. We assist you to receive real and effective protection by repairing any minor or major issue. So make a call on the support number to obtain the appropriate resolutions concerning the persisting issues instantly.

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